How To Make Money From Your Used Receipts


How many of you automatically put your reciepts in the bin as soon as you have done your shopping, some of you may save them for keeping track of your finances, but who knew you could use these tatty bits of paper to make money or get gift vouchers from them? Neither did I until a few months ago

After starting the blog and completing my research, I found a number of FREE mobile phone apps that you can download enabling you to make money off the receipts you recieve from almost any shop. These are the 2 apps that I use myself daily

  • Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is the first app that I started to use. After taking a photo of your receipt, you will either receive “coins” depending on how much you have spent, or a “spin” which gives you the chance to win more coins. Once you have reached a certain amount of coins, you can then cash these in for either a paypal payment or an Amazon Gift card.

For each receipt that you upload, you will also be entered into a raffle and at the end of the month you could win a number of coins which can then go towards cashing out for a gift card

Download the app using the links below and use referral code sess2415 and we will both receive some free spins to boost our chances of getting more coins

gplay_button      appstore_button


  • Shopprize (ANDROID ONLY)

Shopprize is the second app that I downloaded, exactly the same concept of receipt hog but with a few differences.

After taking a photo of your receipt, you will be awarded with coins, again, once you have reached the threshold you will be able to cash these in for an Amazon voucher. Shopprize also has daily raffles called sweepstakes where you can cash in your coins for entries to win prizes (I have never won any of these myself, but have heard of people that have). Also if you log into the app daily, you will recieve a daily bonus. This helps go towards your goal of cashing out and all you need to do is load up the app to to get this, the more days in a row you log in, the more coins you will get

Download the app using the link below and use the referral code  mpt9c to get started




Disclosure: This post may contain links which could be affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. I recommend them out of personal experience and I am very grateful for your support of this site in this way. Thank you.


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