Hello, my name is Tom and welcome to my Blog

I just want to start by introducing and telling you a bit about myself, I am 28 years old, a dad to a 2-year-old little boy and have a partner of 8 years (soon to be married) who are both solely financially dependent on me. We are fortunate enough for the “love of my life” to be a stay at home mum to look after little man while I go off to work each day to earn the pennies. However, this does mean that sometimes things are tight and we have to pull back on spending. Because of all the savings I try to make and deals that I find that I get called quite a few names (some of which are not suitable to be written down, oops) therefore I have come up, with a bit of help from the other half, with the name of the blog, The Penny Pinching Dad!

My aim of the blog is pass on my own experiences and knowledge to you and help you (parents or not) to make savings where you can in your everyday family outgoings and to promote financial independence. I currently work in financial services as a mortgage advisor so I hope that the knowledge and experience I have with personal finance can help in some way or another.

I understand that as a parent and the responsibilities that comes with this it can be difficult to avoid getting into debt, but by careful planning it can be possible to stay out of “bad debt” and I hope that the information I give can help but it will be down to your own actions and decisions for this to be possible

I have seen many other blogs that are generally written by the ladies but not many by the lads so I want to write this from a dad’s/male perspective and try and put a different spin on things.

Although the majority of the blog will be to promote saving and financial independence, I might also point out things that you can buy, whether this is for the kids, partners or even the house, just to make our lives that little bit easier and deals that I might have found that I have either bought myself or that I feel you may find useful, with this I may use affiliate links within my posts, there is no extra cost to yourself with this but it will ensure that costs can be covered in running the page and I can carry on providing useful content to the followers. I will only promote products or services I personally use or can recommend without hesitation.

That’s me,  Thank you for reading