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Save money with discounted gift vouchers for your favourite stores. Make money from gift vouchers you’ll never use!

Back in October 2016 I came across Zeek, I first of all thought it was another one of those dodgy websites and my first reaction was to move on and have nothing to do with it! How wrong was I! I read reviews online and thought “let’s have a go at this then and see what it’s all about”


Buying Discounted Gift Cards

Zeek offer a massive selection of gift cards that you can buy at discounted prices, basically people who have gifts cards they have no use for, sell them here for us to buy. This is an example of the retailers that are available


I found a code online where I could get £5 off my first gift card purchase (GET YOUR CODE HERE) and then another code on the Zeek Facebook page for another £3. There is a substantial list of retailers to choose from with some great savings to be made, I decided to go for a hungryhouse voucher (people who know me will know im partial to a good takeaway pizza and burger) I chose a £15 voucher and paid only £5.80 for it, I was still a bit unsure about it working but I put my order in, received my code, and ordered a takeaway for me and the friends courtesy of the Zeek code, lo and behold it worked!!

All vouchers and gift cards for sale undergo several verification procedures before they’re sold to make sure that we as buyers are protected, this gives me the confidence that they are making sure that the gift cards that are been sold are legit!

Selling Gift Cards

How many times are you given a gift card as a present and never use it? I usually put them in a folder somewhere and end up forgetting about them, especially the ones that are for shops that I never go to. Zeek allows you to sell them and get some cash for them. You will never get face value for them but something is better than nothing right? You can set your own selling price as long as it is at least 8% less than the face value of your voucher and Zeek charge a processing fee of 7% of the card’s asking price, the minimum fee is £3.

You can sell both e-cards and physical gift cards giving you more options on what you want to sell. Once the voucher is sold the money will be paid straight to the PayPal or bank account that you have registered within 14 working days of the sale been made


Overall good ones! I havent sold gift cards myself (as I would rather spend them when I can) but the reviews and information I have looked at seems like this is a smooth transition and another option for you to get cash from things that you no longer want or need

If you’re looking to buy gift cards, then I would highly recommend it. After using the site myself and having only a good experience I would definitely look to use it again. If your clever, and plan to buy something, then you could buy yourself a gift card at a discounted price and then you have an instant discount on your purchase



Disclosure: This post may contain links which could be affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. I recommend them out of personal experience and I am very grateful for your support of this site in this way. Thank you.


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